Waterbed Firmness

Today’s waterbeds are designed to appear and feel similar to a traditional mattress, but with much better support and insulation compared to the blobs of the 1970’s. In essence, the type of firmness you achieve from your waterbed depends on the amount of stabilization constructed in the water mattress and the level of fill you choose. Meaning, the layers of fiber inside the water mattress will reduce water motion and can create a natural firmness to support your body weight and shape for the optimum recharge we all desire. Typically, people who prefer firmer support we turn them to the mid to upper level of stabilized mattresses since those have less motion and firmer support than a free flow waterbed.

Compared to the traditional innerspring or sleep number mattress the average consumer is encouraged to think of a firm/hard bed surface. From a mattress retailers perspective, they portray a firm mattress not as a hard surface, but a shaping and evenly supported surface which is clearly not accurate. A waterbed achieves this support when used to the optimum. Typically in a mattress store we see an artists rendition of a shapely female torso on her side stating that the mattress is providing even pressure for the hips waist and shoulders, when in fact the innerspring or sleep number product is not 100% truthful as it leaves unwanted spaces between the body and mattress. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), a mattress should support a person’s body weight evenly, without gaps between the body and the mattress.

Uncomfortable pressure on prominent regions of the body, such as the shoulders, hips and lower back can be an indicator of too much firmness of a mattress and lead you to shop for comfort elsewhere.

With flotation you have the ability in your home to adjust your waterbed mattress to be perfectly compatible with your body weight and shape providing you with the maximum recharge in sleep. If you’re looking to replace your spring or sleep number mattress, consider the waterbed as a replacement mattress and the benefits they can have on your sleeping habits. Beside our opinion of proper flotation being the best, we have an unheard of money back guarantee.

It may be a surprise to hear, but waterbeds are the best sleep system to help improve your sleep as well as provide healthy comfort that is not matched by traditional mattresses. What we know is that conventional mattresses create pressure points and do not provide complete support to the small of your back. As a result, pressure points make your body feel restless and when you are finally able to sleep your sleep recharge is compromised. Changing to a soft side waterbed or hard side waterbed is a good solution to sleeping better and cultivating healthier spinal activity. Continue on to learn about their comforting abilities of proper flotation.

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