Organic Mattresses

We believe that receiving good quality sleep adds to life. Consistent good sleep helps both the mind & body deal better with life’s tensions. The design and materials used in your mattress could make a difference in the quality of your sleep…and therefore in the quality of your life. Conventional mattresses often use many harmful materials & chemicals that can pose a serious health risk, and due to the well known fact that we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, an estimated 7-10 hours per day – one of the easiest and most important steps a family can make towards living a healthier lifestyle is to make the switch from using a conventional mattress to using a more natural mattress. By making this healthy switch, you and your family can greatly reduce the the number of toxic chemicals you’re exposed to on a daily basis!

We handcraft these mattresses with planet-friendly, renewable materials such as: Natural Latex, 100% Cotton, G.O.T.S. Certified Organic Cotton Fibers, Oeko-Tex® Certified 100% American Wool, PLA (Polylactide Fiber) – Plant Based/Sugar Cane Derived Coil Encasements and Upcycled Springs with Edge Support – all without the use of chemical fire retardants or toxic materials! All these materials are incorporated to provide not only proper support and ultimate comfort but also overall health and safety!

Rest assured when you choose one of these mattresses, you and your family are sleeping on a mattress that’s great for you as well as the environment!

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