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Having trouble with futon frame assembly? Watch our three minute video for key tips on how to get your frame together quickly and easily.

Download instructions for your frame!

Notes: Instructions may show universal arm styles. We recently updated our models and instructions. Please note you will either receive a frame with bungees or a latch block. Both methods can be used in the operating step. We are updating the instructions for the frames with bungees. For the time being, for frames with bungees you may need to review the first few steps from the instructions with the Latch block.

Did your frame come with bungees?
•Arial, Denali, Devonshire, Dillon, Durango, Flair, Fremont, Lambton, Lexington, Plantation, Rockwell, Tiro, Trelli

(Download Instructions Here)

Did your frame come with a latch block? ( 2014-2015)
•Arial, Denali, Devonshire, Dillon, Durango,Flair, Fremont, Lambton, Lexington,Plantation, Rockwell, Tiro, Trelli

(Download Instructions Here)

Signature Frame Instructions:
•Addison, Mission Rim, Orion

(Download Instructions Here)

Strata Furniture is the only futon frame company that makes a true wall hugger futon.

This quick video will show you how to work the Strata Wall Hugger magic.

Need help with your Strata Furniture platform bed? Our short video shows how assembly is a breeze!

Why Strata? Watch this quick video and we’ll tell you!