Selecting a Waterbed

Selecting a Waterbed

There are a few different style waterbeds to choose from. The hard side waterbed is the original style that you once heard about in the 1970’s. This mattress sits directly on a strong wooden base with a containing frame for support that also includes a safety lining that protects in the rare instance of leaks.

The modern waterbed that most of us see today is called the soft side waterbed. This type of mattress rests within a soft foam edge on top of what appears to be a box spring/foundation. The support from the foam frame can stand on its own or can be fitted into an existing conventional bed frame and even in many cases use existing box foundations to lower costs.

Generally, most people prefer this style over the hard side water mattresses because it eliminates the need for the wooden frame and allows the waterbed to be incorporated into existing and conventional furniture. You will experience the same contouring and pressure-free support as you would with a hard side waterbed.

Normally, for, first-time users we recommend to start with a stabilized/firm mattress with a lumbar support. This will allow you to sleep in any position comfortably. Free-flow waterbeds are the least expensive and are widely popular, but we recommend enough stabilization to achieve full weight displacement without hitting the bottom while in the prone position. A wave-less waterbed will move very little when in use, which means motion will stop almost immediately, whereas a traditional free flow mattress will continue to move for a few seconds or more.

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