Pressure sores and ulcurs

Say Goodnight to Bed Sores and Ulcers

Bed sores occur when a person is confined to a bed for a long period of time. Due to extra pressure exerted on certain body parts, skin tissue pressed between the hard underlying bones and a mattress can deprive skin tissue cells of vital blood flow. Normally, you will shift your sleeping position to relieve pressure and maintain proper blood flow, but those confined to a bed or wheelchair due to chronic illness or disability are not able to reposition to relieve constant pressure, which can lead to ulcers and bedsores. However, when a person shifts to flotation on a properly filled waterbed mattress these issues can be reduced or avoided.

A healthy body needs even support, and the best way you can have a good night’s sleep without interruption is with the even support of a durable waterbed. Waterbeds are durable and only require minimal upkeep, and they will adjust to your body as you age. This is the reason why mattress retailers do not want you to choose the waterbed, because they last much longer than the standard three to five years of traditional mattresses.

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