Health Benefits of Waterbeds

Pressure Points

When you lie on a regular innerspring mattress your own body weight pulls you down and the compressed springs react by pushing back against you. As a result your skin and blood vessels react and become constricted resulting in pressure points. Pressure points become bothersome and can be painful over time, pressure points force you to rotate from side to side to gain relief therefore you sleep less comfortably. If pressure points keep you from a good night’s rest then a waterbed mattress that will truly contour the exact shape of your body by evenly distributing weight on the bed’s surface should be considered over other, less efficient alternatives.

Repairing Spinal Alignment

Reducing spinal stress is another one of the key benefits of having a waterbed. Fortunately, those suffering from constant back and spinal problems can reverse many of the effects that spring mattresses, memory foam and airbeds leave them with.

So, take for example, if good standing posture is reflected in the prone position provided by your mattress, the logical result should be less sleep interruptions and a more efficient recharge of the body. The way to evaluate this stand properly/sleep properly is to first look at good standing posture. Scientifically, good standing posture has a slight forward lean to the upper torso. First, stand with your heels at the base of a wall with the buttocks, shoulders and back of the head pressing against the wall. This is the position on which every spring mattress or airbed bases their function. This generally accepted but inaccurate theory of comfort should be dispelled because, among other things, over continued use, the mattress will lose its initial form and create body impressions every time your body rests on its surface. With a waterbed, because the torso is heavier than the lower body extremities, the depth achieved with proper flotation from a waterbed is very similar and almost identical to good standing posture and a body impression cannot physically occur because water has no memory, it is in the moment with you.

In addition when your torso is on its side on a firm mattress, the shoulders being wider than the hips, there will be a downward slant to the spine representing unnecessary pressure. With flotation because the torso is heavier and water is indiscriminate in its offset of displacement, the spinal column will be perfectly horizontal thereby reducing spinal stress.

Achieving better sleep is found when you make a comfortable mattress selection. There are plenty of systems you can follow but the waterbed is truly the best in conforming and supporting the shape of your frame for a full, optimum night’s rest. According to the National Sleep Foundation people of all ages should be sleeping on comfortable mattresses and pillows that are supportive and free of allergens. Back and spinal issues are quite common among adults, so turning on your side to relieve pain and pressure points may only provide temporary relief. However, a waterbed mattress provides the conformity, comfort and strong support that traditional mattresses lack.

Make your next sleeping mattress a waterbed from Right Futons & Waterbeds. We highly recommend the Perfection Sponge  850 DUAL Waveless Softside Waterbed with lumbar support for anyone looking to reduce their back pain from a regular mattress. We also supply a large line of waterbed furniture and waterbed care products to go along with your waterbed mattress purchase.

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