Teak Stump


Our Sustainable Farmed Teak Wood Stump Stool End Table has an 11 inch diameter with heights of either 18 or 22 inches.

This Eco Friendly stump is all natural using food-safe Livos Walnut Oil Finish is completely eco friendly.

This impressive item can be used sepa two heights can be placed together to form a unique stepped side table or create a hallway entry table.

These versatile pieces can be used in the pool, patio, or garden area. Sturdy, versatile; and unique, each is hand carved – no two are alike.

Craftspeople from the Chiang Mai area in Thailand create these with the simplest of tools.

After each piece is dried, and carved, it is rubbed in Livos Walnut oil creating a water resistant and food safe matte finish. The color ranges from medium to dark walnut brown tones that will darken as it ages. There is no oily feel, and cannot bleed into carpets.

Our teak trunks are made from plantation grown teak wood.




Eco-Friendly Furniture

Wood Protectant
After completion of the product, Livos Oil is applied by hand to seal and protect the woods surface. The oil contains natural resins that can be buffed to light gloss sheen. Livos is a safe natural oil and is a food safe surface

Livos offers a variety of all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable products. These products are petroleum and chemical free. Based on renewable raw plant materials that are organically sourced and never tested on animals, Livos products are environmentally responsible, non-polluting, ecologically friendly, and emit no harmful substances.

An important component in most of the Livos products is linseed oil. Made from organically grown flaxseeds by farmers in northern Germany, it is cold pressed at the Livos factory for use as the main ingredient in oils and other products.

Environmental and Holistic Standards:
Environmentally friendly: products are not only human friendly they are fully biodegradable and not detrimental to our waterways as many of the synthetic water based products.

Livos has a range of products that contain zero to extremely low amounts of solvents. It is not necessarily how much solvent that is the critical factor, however which type. Livos not only uses plant based solvents however also synthetic ones such as the Isoaliphates. These are also used in the pharmaceutical and food industries and are well established in Europe. 95% of these solvents decapitate in the first hour of application. Once dried, there is no further “off gassing” as occurs with many synthetic products. It positively influences the indoor air quality and does not contribute to harmful ozone depleting emissions.

Life Cycle
There is no detrimental effect on ones health from the Livos products; from manufacturing, application, the occupier to disposal.


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11″x11″x18″, 11″x11″x22″


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